Terry Allen

"Keith Baker and his crew are excellent people to do business with. I highly recommend them."

John Paul Travis

"Fantastic Service. Short, to the point, and extremely polite. They keep the important stuff in stock and help with anything that's not there already." 

Brian Walter

"Tri-Supply is super focused on the professional contractor's needs with everything at one stop from job lot materials, to misc. supplies to the rental of tools and equipment to get the job done." 

Chris Clinton

"Tri-Supply has a wide variety of goods and services. The prices are excellent as well as their service. The staff is super helpful. Try them first." 

Glen Divel

"Now that the Camden store is open, we at Kustom Concrete LLC have a great supply and rental business in our neighborhood. They take good care of us." 

Lew Morrison

"Has to be one of the most customer-friendly places I've ever picked up equipment. Easy and no arguments. If something's wrong (which it's very rare) they fix it immediately with a smile."

Scott Rowlands

"Great place for all your construction needs. They have a wide variety of equipment and tools."

Angel Oak

"Tri-Supply is a top notch rental and supply store. As the owner of a landscape company, they always provide me with great service and machinery even on a last minute notice. I would recommend any contractor or homeowner who needs any piece of equipment or landscape and construction supplies to check out Tri-Supply."